About Scaletech

Fast-growth tech companies face significant challenges: They’re often too big to react quickly, yet too small to survive incumbents. They face a “shoemaker’s children” problem: They’re so busy selling emerging tech that they don’t have time to apply it internally. They balance the trust & governance of a larger organization with the speed and opportunism that got them where they are. And they’re scaling back-office, front-office, and product innovation all at once.

Scaletech is about thriving while growing, but also about leveraging new technologies that give startups competitive advantage while building sustainable defensive moats. Since its founding, the conference has broadened its scope to include both the building of technology at scale, and the successful delivery of those products within organizations.

Founded in 2018, Scaletech is a series of intimate, invite-only gatherings where founders and experts discuss these challenges. Held throughout North America in a variety of conferences, it’s focused on the unique problems of high-growth, high-tech business. As we continue to grow the event, we’re always looking for ways to encourage candid sharing in trusted forums between some of the world’s foremost thinkers on entrepreneurship, technology, and business.

Here’s a quick history of some of the events we’ve run. Check out a detailed writeup of past events here.



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The Globe and Mail’s Shawn interviews NAVEX Global CEO Shanti Atkins on her experience scaling the company to a Billion dollar valuation.



Scaletech Toronto 2019 by Eva Blue 086 48997833788 OMargaret Francis speaks at Scaletech 2019 in Toronto.



Past Events   Strategy and Buy InHost Alistair Croll welcomes Cloudera founder Mike Olson, Loop.io’s Nahla Sahlem, and AirBnB’s Theresa Johnson to discuss enterprise AI strategy.



Past Events   Scaletech 2021Georgian’s Devon Dayton interviews Gagan Biyani for our two-day online conference run in partnership with the International Institute of Analytics.



Scaletech 2022   NycIn New York, we took over a private dining room in midtown for an evening of conversation.


Scaletech 2022   SfOur San Francisco dinner brought together Bay Area founders and seasoned executives to discuss the challenges of rapid growth.


Img 6412Our regional events culminated in a studio audience for in-person speakers to reach international attendees online.