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Michael Casey (he/him)

Chief Content Officer, Coindesk

Before moving into technology, Michael spent over fifteen years at the Wall Street Journal covering the global economy in various locales, ultimately serving as a senior columnist, a guest anchor for WSJ Live and a contributor to the Journal's Moneybeat blog and podcast. In 2015, Michael became a senior lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and served as a senior advisor to the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative.

He’s the author of five books—including The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything and The Age of Cryptocurrency, both co-authored with Paul Vigna—that tackle topics as varied as the erosion of the middle class, blockchain, understanding social media as a biological system, and the cult surrounding a famous picture of Che Guevara.

Today, Michael runs the content team at CoinDesk, the leading provider of news about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital assets. He’s the host of the Money Reimagined newsletter and podcast and the chairman and co-founder of Streambed Media, a platform for tracking and monetizing video content.


Real world use cases for crypto

October 13, 2022  8:15 PM – 8:45 PM